New Headquarters for HEKUMA

New Headquarters for HEKUMA [...]

Stefan Naser appointed as second Managing Director

May 2017 - Stefan Naser Appointed as Second Managing Director at HEKUMA [...]

Markus Schmidt ist the new Managing Director at HEKUMA

February 2017 - Since January 1, 2017, Markus Schmidt has been holding the position as Commercial Director for the systems manufacturer HEKUMA. [...]

K 2016 exhibit in collaboration with Engel & Hack

July 2016 - A small brush for dental care, as HEKUMA's exhibit this year, combines fast take-out, quality inspection and packaging. It shows the flexibility of the modular concept HEKUflex , which was introduced just last year. [...]

High Performance³ - Customization with a Maximum in Flexibility

July 2015 - With its new modular HEKUflex concept, HEKUMA is now introducing an option to provide higher flexibility in automation systems while at the same time making the entire production cycle leaner and increasing its efficiency. [...]