Precise handling to the hundredths of a millimeter

Traditionally, HEKUMA has focused on applications that require high speed and extreme precision. As a consequence, our in-house R&D concentrates on linear robots with servo motors and linear motors for side-entry take-out.
Depending on the handling objective, we also integrate Scara or 6-axle robots into our concepts.

Minimum mold open times 

Our HEKU series linear robots are designed especially for fast and precise side-entry take-out from injection molding machines. They can achieve minimum mold open times at speeds of up to 11 m/s, which in extreme cases may be within a mere 0.1 seconds.
In addition, our take-out robots are designed with the capability of moving carrying loads of up to 260 kg. These kinds of carrying loads are necessary especially for complex gripper systems for insertion processes that must feature extreme positioning accuracy due to the minimum tolerances in the mold.

High precision

HEKUMA understands complexity when it comes to gripper technology. Taking out and inserting miniature parts, and many of them, is one of our core competencies. The patented floating centering makes it possible to insert a large number of parts into the tool with accuracy to the hundredths of a millimeter or to take out pre-assembled inserts from a transfer shuttle.

In addition to precision and speed factors, the material that is used is also critical in the design of the gripper. Here, the focus is not only on the material's load-carrying capacity, but also on its surface quality and its compatibility with cleaning agents.