Testing Techniques

Today, a product's quality is key and should be given highest priority. HEKUMA understands just how important this is, which is why it established its own R&D team that works specifically on testing techniques and methods.

Camera testing technique

A camera is often used for testing if the parts are delicate or the parameters are complex. A wide range of testing criteria - just a few examples here: trapped air bubbles, impurities, straightness, complete shaping - can run without impacting cycle times. Our experts examine in the laboratory in advance which camera testing system can be used and to what extent. Camera, illumination and testing algorithms are adjusted and set based on your specific requirements.

Electric test adapter

Tests such as high-voltage tests and continuity tests are an important part of automation for safety-relevant components in the automotive industry. For years, HEKUMA has understood how to coordinate these tests to fit the products exactly. With test adapters manufactured in house, the functional safety and longevity of such components can be guaranteed. In order to rule out a defect 100%, a repetition test can be performed or if the scrap rate is too high, the entire system can be shut down automatically, for example if a defined number of NOK tests was reached.

Additional testing techniques

Every product is different and as a result, each one has varying degrees of quality demands. Some products require a leak tightness test; for others, a test must be run to ensure they are in fact in the grippers, and then for other products, the print must be tested to ensure legibility. We will determine the best testing technique for you depending on your requirements.