HEKUtube - The automation system for Blood collection tubes


Most laboratory medical analyzes are performed with blood, whereby plastic blood tubes are usually used for collection and preparation. The demand for blood collection tubes is therefore enormous.

Our high-performance automation system, which can process up to 100 million vacuumed blood collection tubes per year, is the perfect solution for these quantities. The developed HEKUtube concept includes both a tube handling system connected to the injection molding machine as well as an assembly system with bulk material processed to the finished blood collection tube or a combination of both production lines. All current market requirements for the production and processing of blood collection tubes are taken into account. 

Due to the modular and flexible design the system is able to process different reagants as well as tube sizes and quantities. As a result manufacturers receive a system completely customized to their needs.


Processes - Injection molding automation:

Take-out gripper for 24, 48 or 96 cavity molds

Camera inspection "on-the-fly" (100% contact-free) 

Handling roboter: cycle time of around 6 sec. (depending on product and mold design)

Collection in transport systems


Processes - Assembly automation:

Filling of separation gel


Spraying of chemical reagants (EDTA, Silica Clot, Sodium Citrate,...)

Integration of individual packaging systems

Feeding of stoppers, vacuuming and closing of tubes

Batch tracking

Insertion in tube racks




Your advantages at a glance:

  • use of test line for individual products
  • from stand-alone to a fully automated production line
  • delivery time and cost reduction due to a modular design with a high level of standardization
  • systems of the highest technical level
  • excellent overall efficiency and availability
  • high quality product output
  • reliable and built to last automation
  • low maintenance requirements


Please find here our HEKUtube-Flyer for download.