Software and visualization

We install the most commonly used control units in our systems, such as Siemens S7, Rockwell Allen Bradley, Controllogix and Beckhoff Twincat 3.
The choice of which control unit to install depends on a variety of factors. Whether the customer's demands are compatible with the required parameters is reviewed on a case by case basis, so as to be able to supply the best possible results.

Standard software modules

The state-of-the-art Beckhoff control unit is utilized especially for medical applications and systems based on our modular design. Here, standard software modules are used, allowing them to also be validated. At the same time, this guarantees the reliability customers are accustomed to, thus also ensuring a high level of availability. Even detailed and data intensive processes such as camera verifications can run easily and quickly as a result of the control unit's extremely fast data processing capabilities.

Industry 4.0 - ready! 

One aspect of our software capability that is becoming increasingly more important is the parts tracking functions and also the capability to provide production and quality data for upper-level ERP systems. Connecting to existing IT landscapes, especially considering the trend towards networking as a part of Industry 4.0, will influence the selection of the control unit more and more in the future.

Developed in-house: Visualization

Not only does the HEKUMA Visualization provide an innovative and comfortable user interface, it also makes it possible for every third-party system to be fully integrated. With the realistic presentation, the user can immediately see where a defect was caused and, if he wants, pull up the entire documentation up to identifying individual spare parts.
Every system based on the modular design is equipped with the same user interface. This makes the systems consistent in use, so that all machine operators can feel confident working with HEKUMA systems.