HEKUdish - The automation system for Petri Dishes


With production volumes in the millions per year, a high-quality automation system is needed in which quality and productivity work hand-in-hand. Petri dishes are produced in clean rooms. Conctact with humans must be kept to a minimum. What sets a high-performance automation system apart is its high level of availability and consistency in product quality.

With HEKUdish we offer a platform that fully meets all current market requirements for processing Petri dishes.

With a flexible design the system can be configured for specific products such as Contact Dishes and Cell Culture Flasks, providing you with a customized solution with maximized productivity and efficiency. The standard solution can be combined with various molds and injection molding machines, whereas the semi-automated PetriLite is a complete package consisting of injection molding machine, 4+4 mold and automation. 




Take-out gripper für 2+2 to 16+16
cavities with dish diameter of 40 to 150mm

Foil processing into packaging bags with variable stacking height up to 500mm at stacks of 10 to 32 dishes, with an even or odd number

Handling robot: Cycle times of 4 - 6 sec. at 8+8 cavities (depending on material and wall thickness)

Optional: Labeling and Marking

Optional: Corona treatment for flawless surface

Optional: Various solutions for automatic packaging as well as secondary packaging in cardboard cartons or transport bags

Dynamic, smooth transfer of lid and bottom for parallel processing




Your advantages at a glance:

  • from a semi-automated (PetriLite) to a fully automated production line
  • delivery time and cost reduction due to a modular design with a high level of standardized automation steps
  • flexible with various solutions for Contact Dishes and Cell Culture Flasks
  • systems of the highest technical level
  • excellent overall efficiency and availability
  • high quality product output
  • reliable and built to last automation
  • low maintenance requirements


Please find here our HEKUdish-Flyer for download.