An Extraordinary time requires extraordinary actions - you can count on us!


We are currently living in an extraordinary time due to the global coronavirus pandemic. It has shown the vulnerability of our society, but also its most committed, solidarity and responsible side. As a global active company, we too have intensively engaged in determining how a responsible approach can be implemented in this crisis situation, in which the safety of every human being is paramount.


"The top priority is the health of our employees, customers and business partners. At the same time, it is our unconditional concern to continue operating. We make great efforts to offer our customers the personal service they are used to. Our employees continue to work with full commitment despite the prevailing uncertainty.", emphasize our managing directors Christian Barnstedt and Markus Schmidt.


All our measures are based on the specifications and recommendations of the official website and are carried out with the greatest care. In-house measures, including hygiene and keeping the employees at a distance have been in force for a long time. HEKUMA's good digital infrastructure also helps to minimize risk, as a large part of the staff can work from home.


We are still available by telephone and e-mail for your concerns and questions. We will support you in the best possible way to meet the changes in the market by processing your inquiries with high pressure, showing the best possible flexibility and pushing the implementation of your projects.


The dynamic situation requires prudent and situational decisions every day. An open and close exchange with our customers and partners is extremely important to us.


We do not want to end without expressing our gratitude to all those who work day and night to defeat this pandemic. We also wish all of you with all our heart that you and your families stay healthy and get through this difficult time well.




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